Offer of INFODOM Group for the pillar of Sustainable and Regional Development

We regularly participate at conferences, roundtables and other business events on the title topic, very often through partnerships with the organizer.

Through our own events, such as conferences and professional lectures, organized in collaboration with the ILBA, we want to raise awareness among partners on importance of usage of ICT for sustainable development. 

Through the smart InfoTrend magazine, we publish professional papers and disseminate knowledge on the subject, highlighting examples of good practice in the industry and current developments on the national and European scene.

We are active in the application and implementation of projects, which aim to stimulate the level of investment, business improvement and regional development through the implementation of ICT solutions.

Smart City Strategies

INFODOM Group offers a full servce of digitalisation of cities and introduction of smart solutions, including Smart City Strategy preparation, development of digital services and smart solutions, BPM design and digitalisation of operations. 

Central electronic register of development projects

InfoDom Ltd Zagreb integrated for Ministry of Regional Development and EU funds electronic register of all development projects in Croatia, used for monitoring the implementation of development srategies and action plans on local and national level. 

CEKOM for digital transformation of food industry in rural areas

EU funded project aiming to organise,  implement and support research, development and implementation of ICT in food processing industry in rural areas and contribute to the increasement of investments. 

If you are interested in more information on any of the previously specified pillars, feel free to contact us.