Offer of INFODOM Group for the pillar of Interoperability and Digital skills



INFODOM Group participates in the introduction of IT and interoperability in the public administration of the Republic of Croatia and the countries of South-East Europe. We dedicate special attention to cooperation in the adoption of standards and recommendations on the EU level (EIS, CEN EEI, EIF, e-PP, CEF DSI…), as well as on the national level (e.g. the Croatian Interoperability Framework and the Interoperability Framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina).



Lifelong Learning Academy

After many years of acting as a business academy, ILBA nowadays operates as an Lifelong Learning Academy, which ensures compliance with regulations and standards, but also fulfills our desire to provide trainees with formal qualifications and world-class certificates.

Modern business involves networking, first and foremost with its ecosystems and then their environment.

Internally, the priority is to develop appropriate digital employee skills. Performa 365’s learning and change management platform establishes the infrastructure for both of these important functions through modern tools (Office 365, Microsft Teams, DevOps, educational content catalogs, competency management, certification and performance measurement in the field).

smart Info Trend

The mission of the journal is to spread the idea about the needs and the way of adopting modern technologies in everyday life and work. Through the presentation of good practices and lessons learned, we aim to assist the management of companies and institutions in the selection, implementation and better use of information and communication technologies. At the same time, we are monitoring the Croatian and regional ICT market, as well as European and world recommendations, practices and models that influence the application of ICT in everyday business.

If you are interested in more information on any of the previously specified pillars, feel free to contact us.