INFODOM's certificates

The success of INFODOM Group is based on meeting the expectations, creating values and achieving satisfaction of clients and employees. 

In order to raise the level of quality and security of its services for clients and thereby advance its business operations, InfoDom has implemented four ISO standards, thus creating a harmonized system for managing quality, business processes and records, security and the overall IT services lifecycle.

IT Services Management Certificate ISO 20000 is a globally recognized standard for information technology service management systems, covering key processes in the service lifecycle: from planning and budgeting, overseeing production of the service, to information security, managing vendors, incidents, managing change processes and the delivery of existing and new services and the fulfillment of SLA requirements.

Since 2016 INFODOM is certified with¬†Information Security Management Certificate¬†ISO/IEC 27001. It guarantees users the highest level of security when delivering application services over the Internet, which guarantees the secrecy, integrity and availability of the information system and the user’s data.

The certified Quality Management System, which INFODOM Group has had since 2000, proves our concern for the quality of InfoDom’s products and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001: 2015 certifies business processes: business process reengineering, information systems design, software development and maintenance, and project management.

In 2018, the eGOP 10.x platform was certified with ISO 15489-1: 2016 Information and Documentation Records Management Standard. The eGOP (eGovernance and Operations Platform) is a platform for the management of records, letters, documents and files, rules of procedure and checklists. It also covers running the process and generating public registers; exchange of documents and messages using the bus; digital archive; keeping metaregistra; MDM and Accountability Management.

Implemented standards ensure confirmation of quality and secure of all our services and solutions.